Top 9 Best Outdoor Soccer Cleats Review 2018 and Ever

Do you find it hard to select the best outdoor soccer cleats?

Professional players struggle to do that too. In this review guide, I will help you shortlist and select the perfect soccer cleats to get your game on!

The best cleats for one player may not be pleasing to another. Before you make any purchase on the right pair of shoes there are key factors to consider.

Let me make it easy for you to buy the best soccer cleats that meet your requirements. Whether you are a striker, a midfielder or a defender, I will show you the list of best soccer shoes for outdoor turf. 

First, we will start with a comparison table, where you will find 9 of the best cleats to help your soccer game. Next, you will be able to see an in-depth review of these very famous brands of shoes. And finally, the article concludes with you hopefully making up your mind. In case you have any questions or comments, please feel free to add them to the comments section below.

Quick Comparison of the 9 Best Outdoor Soccer Cleats

Soccer Cleat ImageNameSoccer Cleat forPrice
adidas Men's Predator 18.2 Firm Ground Soccer ShoeBest Soccer Cleat for Defenders$$$
Adidas Performance Men's Gloro 16.1 FG Soccer ShoeBest Soccer Cleat for Wide Feet$$
Adidas Men's Messi 16.3 Fg Soccer ShoeBest Soccer Cleat for Running$$
NIKE Men's Hypervenom Phelon II Fg Soccer CleatBest Soccer Cleat for Strikers$$
New Balance Men's Tekela 1.0 Pro FG Soccer ShoeBest Soccer Cleat for Midfielders$$
Diadora Soccer Men's Brasil Classic MD PU Soccer CleatBest Soccer Cleat for Comfort$$
PUMA Men's evoSPEED 2.2 FG Soccer CleatBest Soccer Cleat for Budget$$
NIKE Men's Mercurial Victory V Soccer CleatBest Soccer Cleat for Swift Turns$$
Diadora Soccer Men's DD-NA 2 GLX14 Soccer ShoeBest Soccer Cleat for Passes$$

Soccer Cleats Review 2018 and Ever

Adidas Men’s Predator 18.2 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

The Adidas predator 18.2 FG combines the synthetic leather and the textile to deliver the shoes that excel in both durability and comfortable feeling to the feet. Though a mid-tier styled cleats, in comfort and feel it closely mimics the elite level Adidas’ counterparts. Wear them on the natural grass pitch and they deliver greater traction and stability. To enhance control of the ball during the swift movement, these soccer cleats employ the primemesh structured upper.

As firm ground cleats, their construction style by the Adidas gives them particular qualities to suit playing in the natural grass as the firm ground shoes. As Adidas claims, the shoes give you the ultimate lockdown stability on the grass. Say bye to skidding.

Owing to the hybrid studs, the shoes provide for swift turning while not relenting on stability. While the included stretchy collar ensures the snug fit to your feet, the TPU outsole supports the stabilized movement.

Owing to the blend of synthetic and textile materials and the weight of 9.8oz, these soccer cleats pass the average weight standard. Thus they can take you through the season.


  • Gives the comfortable fit to the feet
  • Gives greater traction and stability
  • A durable pair of boots
  • Has the primemesh upper that ease ball control


  • Slightly heavier, though that also means durability

Our verdict
These pair of cleat suits that defensive player who seeks protection to the feet, durability and good feel of the ball. Owing to their weight these are the good pair of cleats to take you through one season. For the mid-tier shoes, it’s a good catch.

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Adidas Performance Men’s Gloro 16.1 FG Soccer Shoe

If you want the pair of soccer shoes that are wide, lightweight and requires a little breaking in time, then consider the Adidas Performance Men’s Gloro 16.1 FG Soccer Shoe. To strike the right balance between stability and lightweight, these soccer boots combine the synthetic leather and the K leather.

The heel and the lining feature the synthetic leather while the toe section is K-leather. The thin kangaroo leather inclusion accounts for the great feel of the ball ability of the shoes. The light die cut Eva insole offers the right comfort to your feet for the entire 90 minute you are in the filed. It cushions your feet from the pressure of the underneath studs.

For further comfort, the tongue has extra padding too. And when you consider the rubber sole, you get the boots that give good traction.
The synthetic lining incorporated here gives the lockdown fit plus enhanced comfort.


  • The K-leather materials for the vamp offer the greater feel of the ball
  • Comfortable insole
  • Thick padding on the tongue offers extra protection to the feet
  • A good choice for those with wide feet


  • The light kangaroo leather is less durable
  • The short studs make the cleats unsuitable for wet playing grounds

Our verdict
If you have wide feet and desire the pair of cleats that fit comfortably, Adidas Performance Men’s Gloro 16.1 FG Soccer Shoe is the way to go. The premium K-leather gives unparallel close to bare feet feel of the ball.

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Adidas Men’s Messi 16.3 FG Soccer Shoe

It is not by chance that these soccer shoes bear the stars name, which speaks boldly about the quality and performance. These are soccer shoes that have the premium rubber sole and zero break-in time. Owing to the rubberized sole, the cleats support swift motion yet maintaining its stability.

The synthetic upper material means lightness but durable design. The rubber sole helps you to maintain balance on the natural grass field, and the low top arch means enhanced agility.

These cleats slip in easily in no time; molds to your feats shape thus give it the warm hug throughout your playing time.

The mono-tongue feature of the cleats is to shield the dust and grass from reaching your feet. Its studs have been strategically placed to for maximum traction on the natural turf.


  • The shoes effortlessly adapt to your feet’s shape
  • They don’t wear out easily
  • Enhanced traction owing to the rubber sole property
  • Proper stud placement


  • The touch skin technology featured in the shoes might be too tight for some individuals.

Our verdict
If you want a good soccer shoe that gives the snug fit and takes to your feet structure, give Adidas Men’s Messi 16.3 FG Soccer Shoe a chance. Once fitted to your feet you can run swiftly for the entire play time without further adjustment every few minutes.

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Nike Men’s Hypervenom Phelon II FG Soccer Cleat

For the firm ground, Nike Men’s Hypervenom Phelon II FG Soccer Cleat delivers the shoes targeting the attack layers. Its design is meant to match the explosive, swift and the agile response of attackers. For that reason, it features the synthetic material.

To give more room for the ball control the Nike men’s cleats employs the asymmetrical lacing. As a result, it creates a large strike zone on the boots.

Good soccer cleats should guarantee the perfect fit for which is neither too tight nor too loose. Thus the cleat gives the glove-like fit to the feet for a swift alert response. The split toe plate further aids that.

The upper features the synthetic material designed to withstand all weather conditions. Thus it won’t give way its traction owing to the muddy ground.
The sole features synthetic material too. As you step on the firm ground, the studs exert pressure. To protect the feet from that pressure, the cleats have perforated sockliner cushion. That gives the feet comfort during the match thus more concentration the ball.

To support the swift turning without much strain, the dynamic fit provision is ensured at the ankle region.


  • Reinforces support at the ankle
  • It cushions the feet from the stud’s pressure
  • Provides for the expanded strike zone


  • Not suitable for the wide structured foot

Our verdict
For the swift movement during a confrontation, Nike offers the right shoes. In addition it will enable you to make explosive shots.

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New Balance Men’s Tekela 1.0 Pro FG Soccer Shoe

The Tekela soccer shoe taps on the innovative plate and synthetic leather to deliver a good soccer cleat with a white/flame orange color. These soccer cleats use the multidirectional studs’ arrangement to provide an all direction movement. As a result it bears all the features a mid field player would dream of having on the boots.

Owing to the synthetic material used in the upper the boots have a lightweight. The upper employs embroidered bands to support an all round stability.

When you consider its chrome flame injected outsole, you get the pair of cleats that provides enhanced maneuverability and grip at instant touch of the firm ground.

The elastic collar which reaches up to the mid height boasts silicone embossed material. That therefore provides for easy wear and protection to the mid heel height during a heated game.

For enhanced flexibility and comfort the Tekela 1.0 Pro FG Soccer Shoe uses the double piece sole plate. The microfiber upper material gives the incredible feel of the ball.


  • Two piece sole plate
  • Protective mid height elastic collar
  • Very light in weight


  • The thin and light weight material, your toe is less protected from any unforeseen hard impact.

Our verdict
The Tekela 1.0 Pro FG Soccer Shoe is a top tier soccer shoes that gives outstanding lightweight, incredible feel and high agility to a player. The thick indented rubber sole promises good footing and stability.

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Diadora Soccer Men’s Brasil Classic MD PU Soccer Cleats

Very few materials match the soft and natural feel of K-leather boots. The Men’s Brasil soccer shoes offers exactly that; soft kangaroo leather. To guarantee protection and comfort to your feet it utilizes the multi-density MD PU outsole.

The soft K-leather in the forefoot is water proofed thus shields your toes from dampness. Since the feet needs comfortable feeling, the insole of these boots features molded EVA foam.

On the other hand, the outsole is made of the multi density polyurethane. The soft K-clothing used in the upper incorporates the anti-stretching lining technology.


  • Effective water proofing feature
  • Polyurethane outsole
  • Ideal for players with wide feet
  • Moderately priced


  • The soft kangaroo leather to an extent compromises on the durability

Our verdict
For the player that desires the real feel of the ball and the comfortable wear, Diadora Soccer supports that. However be sure about the shoe size to order.

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Puma Men’s evoSPEED 2.2 FG Soccer Cleat

This time the reputed brand Puma presents the soccer shoes for the low budget yet with the shouting colors to single you out among your teammates. The firm ground boots feature the synthetic material on the upper for improved flexibility during the game.

Puma here employs the speed cell design to give the pair of boots that are lightweight, flexible yet still durable thanks to the synthetic material. To suit the swift movement of players the boots upper features smooth synthetic material for higher agility and flexibility too.

When you slip in your feet into these boots, they allow your fee to come into contact with the upper. That translates into improved feel and touch of the ball.

Whereas it gives the tight fit to the heels for swift movement, the inner collar bears light padding hence friendly to the skin.

For better traction on, the shoes feature both the conical and bladed studs. The amalgamation of both shapes gives the player the stability when making turns on the firm grassy grounds.


  • Removable sock liner
  • Lightweight synthetic material
  • Mixed shaped for the studs which give higher grip
  • Cushioned inner liner for protection and comfort


  • Features low heel tub, thus providing limited protection

Our verdict
If you are on a budget and wants the best pair of boots which considers moderate price and features, then the Puma Men’s evoSPEED is a choice to consider.

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Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory V Soccer Cleat

Nike here delivers the pair of boots that lock down your feet and safely secures them. That gives you the ease to handle all types of movements with ease. In addition to the snug fit, it also provides the comfortable feeling to your feet. These pair of boots excels on firm natural surfaces.

The cleats are available in a variety of bright colors for enhanced visibility in the field. The outsole, however, features TPU thus guaranteeing grip in all directions. Owing to the synthetic materials used, the shoes have super lightweight. Thus you can achieve your top speed while in these gears without being hindered by their weight.

With the midsole that features contoured sockliner and a soft textile cloth at the top; your feet couldn’t have been well cushioned.


  • Extra lockdown feature of the feet for full stability
  • Presented in a variety of bright colors
  • Outstanding grip on hard natural surfaces thus eases control
  • Lightweight and very comfortable to wear


  • Attracts higher price tag

Our verdict
If your major factor in choosing the best soccer cleats is super lightweight and excellent grip from the first touch, this Nike’s model could be your best choice. It will enable you to make swift turns and higher speeds without worrying about slipping.

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Diadora Soccer Men’s DD-NA 2 GLX14 Soccer Shoe

To make the incredible passes, you need the snug fit soccer shoes. The Diadora cleats of Italian heritage give you exactly that. Using the finest synthetic leather it molds the best soccer shoes in terms of feel and superb fitness. The weatherproof outsole gives you many advantages in a wet field.

The finest quality synthetic leather has been treated to become scratch proof. Thus, the chances of you shoes developing an ugly appearance after a few games are long gone. The flexible outsole offers good traction. And since it is breathable your feet enjoys the right condition.

Apart from the boots delivering in performance, their looks also speaks boldly. The boots bear the sleek design in bright colors.


  • Sleek design and bright colors
  • Breathable and waterproofed outsole
  • Exceptional grip
  • Padded collar for extra comfort


  • Requires close attention when ordering your choice

Our verdict
Although these soccer shoes are not from the topmost brands, they deliver both in performance and looks. Moreover they protect your foot from wetness but allow air to pass through.

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Best Outdoor Soccer Cleats Reviewed - Factors

What to look for in the best soccer cleats?

The best soccer cleats enable you to work on your skills with ease. In addition, it also provides for good control, traction and connecting with the ball. Soccer can be played in both indoor and outdoor grounds. But in both cases, you would wish to have the best soccer shoes that guarantee good traction even in soft and muddy grounds. Making such a purchase won’t be possible if you don’t exactly know what features to look out for during your purchase.

So what specifically should you look for when buying soccer shoes? Here is the detailed review of such important point features and factors to consider:

  1. The material used in making the upper part
    As the years unfold, the material used to make soccer cleats advances. But the goals for each pro soccer player still revolve around the following the pair of boots that are;
  • Comfortable; the boots that gives much comfort to your feet
  • Lightweight but durable; not too heavy to your feet yet still durable. The thin material lets you feel the ball thus gives easy control.
  • Easy to wear in and out; they should require little effort and time to either put on or off.
  • Good traction and waterproofing

Several materials have currently been employed in main the shoes with the aim of satisfying the above conditions;

  • Kangaroo leather (K-leather); these champions in being soft and very much comfortable. Unlike other materials, they are very supple and needs no breaking in period. Due to the matchless comfort most professional players adores the material. However, they don’t offer water resistivity when playing in wet grounds.
  • Synthetic leather; if you want boots that are water resistant then synthetic leather is the best materials. They closely bear the resemblance in qualities to the natural leather with the major advantage of having waterproofing ability too. However, their resistivity to moistures is their key feature.
  • Synthetic fabrics which are plastics, on the other hand, offer much durability, lightweight and water resistivity.
    The extra features on these materials worth looking out for included knitted uppers and thick padding for the insole.
  1. Boots to match your desired playing style
    Before buying the best soccer cleats, first, identify your playing style or position in the field. Then buy the shoes that match your playing style;
    Defensive players take on much heat. As such if you fall under this, choose the shoe with tough outsole to much that heat. In addition, don’t compromise on the large strike zone and greater traction.
    As a midfielder, you run for most of the time. So your shoes ought to provide much comfort to your sole and great support at the heel. So choose one with soft cushioned mid or insoles
    But as a goalkeeper, you need the shoes that offer superior traction. You don’t have to lose your balance during the back and forth pacing. Complement the traction to the moderately sized striking zone and you have the perfect requirements for the goalkeeper’s shoes.

  2. The cleat type
    Each pair of cleats is made to suit just particular playing grounds. To identify the type of pitch where you’ll mostly be playing the matches and make your purchase accordingly. That gives you the following options on soccer cleats;
    Turf shoes feature highly populated tiny conical shaped studs to achieve extra footing. As such, they suit playing soccer on artificial ground.
    Hard ground shoes featuring low profile conical shaped studs with flat ends. Such a design makes them suitable to handle rock hard grounds. Due to their shape, they do not sink but rests on top of the hard surfaces thus giving the player much stability
    Soft ground cleats have long but fewer studs strategically positioned to enhance traction. As such they dig into soft playing grounds to achieve their duty
    Firm ground cleats are ideal for grounds with natural grass and less or not moist.
    Indoor grounds shoes are best for indoor soccer games where the ground is flat and hard.
  3. Weight of the shoes
    The shoes differ in weight. Although the average soccer shoes weigh around 8oz or 9oz, there are others that weigh as much as 11oz. For the choice of lightweight shoes, go for those weighing 8oz and below. But generally, the more lightweight the boots are, the less durable they are. So you have to strike the right balance between durability and weight factor.
  4. Ankle height
    Two options are available when considering the ankle height features; mid and low profile. Wing players can benefit greatly from the low profile ankle shoes owing to their adaptability for swift motion. On the other hand defensive players will benefit from the mid-ankle height shoes.
  5. Shape and size of your feet
    Consider the structure of your feet and then choose what gives the snug fit to you. Ideally, you should try the shoes prior to a purchase. When the shoes are too tight you are likely to develop blisters. Consequently, choose the size that leaves a little space between your toes and the front end of the shoe; about the size of a baby’s finger. That will ensure that neither your toes nor your heel is hard pressed on the boots. Or try putting on a friend’s pair of cleats then place an order for your pair, having confirmed your exact size.
  6. Lace placement
    Considering the modern trends of constructing soccer shoes, the laces are placed in a variety of positions. Mostly they feature central and side positions of the laces. To get the tight feeling of the cleats on your feet, the central lace positioning is ideal.
  7. Look for the best having decided on a budget
    The good soccer shoes exist in a different price range. For example, the top tiers usually preferred by the elite or professional players cost at least $150. The mid-tier will force to part with around $80. So first have a budget then sample through different soccer stores then make the best choice.

Best Soccer Cleats Conclusion

The best soccer shoes put you ahead in the game; the springboard to defeating your rival. Go through the above review. Consider your feet structure and you playing position then make an informed decision. Grab your best soccer shoe and get a head start like a professional.