Best Soccer Cleats for Boys and Girls

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As a parent to a 8 year old boy, I enjoyed taking him for his soccer training session. This is when I happened to learn about soccer cleats. I was relatively clueless about soccer cleats, as I never learned to play soccer.

A parent would always want to give the best to a child.

Do you have a young girl or boy who has taken to soccer?

Does she or he look promising in the game?

After identifying his/her talents help nurture those skills. One of the best gifts you could ever give to encourage your kid is giving him or her a nice pair of soccer cleats.

6 Best Soccer Cleats for Boys & Girls

Here are some suggested pairs of cleats following intense research and considering reviews from users too:

1.    Diadora Kids’ Cattura MD Jr Soccer Shoe

If you need the comfort, the snug fit and not so expensive boots, then that’s exactly what Diadora Cattura soccer shoes provide. Moreover, it minds about your child’s stability; it provides wide studs suitable for firm grounds.

Key features

For the young feet that are still soft and delicate, comfort to the soul is very important. That’s why Diadora Cattura shoes give the soft comfortable insole for prolonged play without hurting your feet.

The Diadora is made of synthetic leather which helps them to retain their shape thus putting a check on your kid’s foot also. In addition, the synthetic leather doesn’t crack too and therefore maintains an attractive appearance.

Even that kid who has the wide feet will find these pair of cleats comfortable. As for your child’s stability, these cleats feature polyurethane rubber studs thus making them safe and stable.


  • Pocket-friendly price tag
  • Easy to lace up
  • Comfortable and adapts to the shape of the foot
  • Wide studs for additional stability


  • It’s the basic cleats with no protection features. 

Our verdict

When you need the basic soccer shoes for your fast-growing child, then the Diadora Cattura is the way to go. It promises comfort and stability to the young player.

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2.    Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleat

If you desire the narrow sized soccer shoes with extra grip ability for your child then try out this Vizari model. In addition, their contrasting black and white colors make them even more adorable to the young players.

Key features

The Vizari infinity soccer cleats have superb comfort and fit the feet; a key feature to the child just starting to learn soccer. Moreover, the cleats are presented in a variety of six colors, thus your child has a broad choice at his disposal.

For safety precautions like prevention of tripping or skidding the shoes feature rubber outsole. The grip is further enhanced by the presence of rubber studs too.

The soccer shoes have the sturdy and durable design thus won’t give way during the action, to supplement on their strength, the shoes are stitched to the upper at the front.


  • Presented in a wide variety of ways to fit both boys and girls
  • Offers superior grip and stability due to the rubber outsole and rubber studs too
  • Flexible and comfortable to the feet


  • To a large extent, they are narrow hence you have to choose wisely for the right size

Our verdict

To that child with arch feet, Vizari infinity takes that into account and gives you the flexible soccer shoes. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about color and stability as that is taken into account. 

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3.    PUMA Kids’ One Chrome FG Jr Soccer Shoe

To help your child sharpen his soccer skills, you need the best pair of cleats adapted to that function. That’s why Puma has lived to its name in the construction of the fine soccer cleats for kids. They have two outstanding features; feel for the ball and support swift movements.

Key features

Puma One goes a step ahead and provides protection to your boy or girl.  The evoKnit socks not only protect the ankle but keep it warm too. Thus it maintains your ankle at the right temperature thus making you very productive

Due to its lightweight, adapting to the foot and the use of thin microfiber the cleats feature superb engineering skills to support great speed and the dabbling of the ball.  The lightweight and reactive TPU material makes controlling or dribbling easier.  

Even the stud configuration employed here supports Evospeed.  Finally, the outer chrome plating finishing gives it the elegant look it deserves. 


  • The Evoknit sock gives protection to the ankle
  • The cleats outer surface adapts to the ball and thus giving easy control of the ball
  • It has the dazzling look due to the chrome plating finishing
  • The studs’ design and the cleats lightweight support swift movements with the ball


  • They attract high price tags
  • The eye-catching look might distract other players

Our verdict

Puma kid’s cleats are ideal for that kid who has shown innovative skills in soccer that needs honing. It, therefore, provides your child with the best features and protection that gives the child a head start. 

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4.    Adidas Kids’ X 17.3 Fg J

Adidas has shown great features in the Adidas Kids’ X 17.3 Fg J soccer cleats. But despite the great features, it’s still moderately priced.

Talk of a warm comfort, protection and zero wear in time and the pair of shoes provides all of it.

Key features

The soccer cleats promise no break in time but an instant hug fit to your feet. Slip it in, lace it up and the shoe instantly takes your feet’s shape. With extra thin layer and super lightweight, the child will have little difficulty while running and controlling the ball too.

When you consider the FG studs and the rubber sole, you get the cleats that support good grip even at high speed.

The super thin surface gives close to naked feet feel of the ball.


  • Gives to close to bare feet feel of the ball
  • They are super light and thus allow the child to attain his maximum possible speed
  • Has the warm and comfortable lining that hugs the feet
  • Available in many bright colors


  • Owing to the super thin surface, these cleats are less durable

Our verdict

If you want the mid-tier cleats that give your child a better chance in soccer, consider the Adidas Kids’ X 17.3 Fg J.  Despite it less durable feature, the super lightweight, snug fit and Zero wear in time makes it a valuable asset to the young player.

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5.    Adidas Kids’ Nemeziz Messi 17.3 Fg J Soccer Shoe

For that creative young middle fielder who shows immense skills in soccer, Adidas kids Nemeziz presents the right pair of shoes. With its manmade technology, every feature has been given the detailing it needs.

 Beginning with their distinguishing agility mesh, it bestows the optimum ball control capability to the child. He sharpens his ball control skills at the tender age. With this strikers dream cleat, you place your child on the way to becoming a star

Key features

The dual lock collar secures the ankles and also provides warmth to it. On the other hand, the super thin upper material awards it the lightweight feature ideal for terrific speeds a striker requires.

The super thin upper also gives the tight snug fit, therefore providing almost barefoot feel of the ball. With such a feature the talented striker has the utmost control over the ball thus stands a higher chance of making accurate shots on target. 

The synthetic sole is made to complement a striker’s swift movement by giving the needed traction.  The conically shaped studs complement on stability.  

The cleats come in a variety of colors like white, energy blue, and legend ink.


  • The thin upper gives close to the barefoot feel of the ball
  • It gives the snug comfortable fit to the feet.
  • Lightweight yet still durable


  • Just a few complaints on sizing issues, otherwise no other complaints have been registered.

Our verdict

To nurture and hone your talented soccer kid, you need the perfect fit, responsive touch and good grip shoes.  Adidas Kids’ Nemeziz Messi 17.3 Fg J Soccer Shoe understands that perfectly and gives you more than that. Buy it for your son and give him the chance to role-play Messi in all ways.

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6.    Vizari Frost Soccer Cleat (Toddler/Little Kid)

This pair of cleats appears to have leaped straight from the pages of the movie Frozen. To the youthful girl who adores soccer, Vizari frost presents the water resistant and elegant pair of cleats. Although it features synthetic material, the shoes promise comfort and durability. Like the true girls’ shoes, it boasts dazzling colors for easy recognition.

Key features

To suit the outdoor field the Vizari frost cleats have the rugged outsole. The rubberized two-tone outsole together with the rugged studs provides maximum traction and balance to the shoes. Hence while playing on the outside pitch, the shoes not only shields your feet from water but gives you the good grip on the turf. 

The stylish cleats feature easy to adjust laces. All you have to do is to adjust the laces and the shoe molds to your feet’s shape. 

To protect and safeguard the girl’s delicate skin, a padded collar plus the foot bed guarantees the comfort you could ever dream of. With that padding, your child can play for longer hours without any complaint.

The upper of the cleats give trouble-free control of the ball. Finally to award it the durable design the upper has is stitched.


  • Waterproofed
  • Heel and collar padded to give warm and comfortable feeling to the skin
  • Has flexible rubber outsole for enhanced grip on the firm ground
  • Available in beautiful colors that can add taste to your dress code


  • To land your exact fit you have to measure your feet first. Alternatively, you can go for half a size or a full-size higher

Our verdict

Vizari Frost Soccer Cleat is a high quality that won’t let your child down during play. Instead, it will give the child easy time due to the comfort, grip and the flexibility they offer.

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But how do you choose the Best Soccer Cleat for Your Child?

Here are vital factors to consider when shopping for the best soccer cleats for kids;

  • Comfort

It’s only the soccer shoes that feel comfortable that will encourage your child to go with the practices. Consequently, the cleats should feel comfortable to the toes and heel. Go for that pair of shoes with soft padding

  • Size

However comfortable the shoes are designed, if they aren’t the right size for your kid, it useless. When they are too tight they will hurt the feet and eventually develop blisters. On the other hand, when they are too big, the child will find difficulty when running. To help you choose the snug fit size, measure the size of the child’s feet. Then have him wear socks when testing for the right size

  • Seek pieces of advice from other parents

At times picking the best pair of shoes for a child might be challenging. However, you can borrow ideas from other parents. Think of those friends who have older children who had been playing soccer. They will give you practical tips on how to land the best soccer shoes for your child. Better still if you know of a coach.

  • Identify your child’s ability or interests first

The best soccer shoes are the ones customized to suit particular types of players. For instance, the shoes used by defense players differ from those used by middle field players or goalkeepers. So identify your child’s ability, and then choose the pair that will help to sharpen that ability.

  • Right types of studs

All games have rules to abide by. Generally, for younger kid’s soccer shoes, it could be appropriate to choose cleats with rubber studs.  Otherwise, if there are no strict rules then choose cleats with plastic molded studs.


Choosing the right pair of soccer shoes for your child require more than just having the cash. You have to know your child’s capability and interests. Never compromise on the right size and comfort.

 For the novice players, you can begin by buying cleats not meant for any type of player. Then later as the child identifies his interests you can change the cleats. Remember buying the best pair of soccer shoes for the child is a big step to sharpening his skills in the game. Take your time and go for the best as suggested by the above reviews.

For parents, don’t worry, we have reviewed the best soccer cleats for men, as well as the best soccer shoes for women

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