3 Best Soccer Shoes for Women

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Soccer is an extremely popular game, especially in Europe and South America, and, in the past decade, it has managed to increase its popularity to other continents as well. Now even in North America, it is slowly becoming well-known.

Now if you watch soccer, you may think that it is played by men only, but, the movie “Bend it like Beckham” made people understand that women play it too, and in fact there are soccer leagues for women in some countries where they compete on a professional level.

A great soccer player, either male or female understands that one of the most important things on the field in order for you to succeed as a soccer player is to have a great pair of cleats. You cannot be able to run around the field and hit the ball as it should if you are not well attired, and for this and many other reasons, we have this review of some of the best soccer shoes that women should wear while on the field.

Soccer can be played both indoors and outdoors, and for each surface, there is a specific shoe that has been tailor-made for it.  Most people are always wondering what the difference between indoor shoes and outdoor shoes is, and we shall explain.

Outdoor soccer shoes are shoes that have been designed for playing this game in the outdoors. The most important part of this shoe is that it has been made to help the player with a sufficient amount of traction. This is what enables the player to turn around, prevent slipping, and promote acceleration while running and stop easily.

Indoor soccer shoes are designed for playing soccer indoors. They have a flat surface, and they are also low-cut. Their surface area is actually harder than that of normal sneakers or outdoor soccer shoes. They also help you balance better, and avoid incidents of slipping and falling on the floor.

If you wish to buy outdoor soccer shoes for men, you can find them in this article.

What to consider before buying soccer shoes for women:


Almost all soccer shoes are made using four main types of materials; leather, synthetic leather, mesh and synthetic.

  • The pure leather is, of course, the best but the most expensive as well. It will have a natural feel and will be very comfortable, but if you cannot afford leather, you can always find a cheaper alternative, which may actually end up being more durable.
  • Synthetic leather feels just like the pure leather, and most people are not able to differentiate between the two but it is much cheaper and longer lasting.
  • The mesh is the use of mesh panels in the construction of the upper part of the shoe. The benefit of using mesh is that; the shoe is cheaper, lighter and much more breathable. 
  • Synthetic is simply a combination of polyurethane and synthetic leather.

Choose what you can afford, but ensure you do not compromise on the quality.


This is very important. You will need a shoe that fits you perfectly, so take time and try them out for fit and feel. You cannot imagine how uncomfortable it would be playing with shoes that are too tight or too lose. You would probably not be able to run as much, and you may even fall a couple of times.


Women obviously love beautiful and colorful things, so, be sure to check out some of the best picks we have sampled below, to find one that will best express your style. You should also consider the kind of shoes that will give you a lot of motion, comfort, and support.

There are many other factors to consider, and this is dependent on the individual, so, when you are buying the best soccer shoes, be sure to shop around, and consider our top three selection below:

3 Best Soccer Shoes for Women Reviewed:

Adidas Women’s Goletto VI FG W Soccer Shoe

This is a beautiful blue and white shoe, that is designed to provide you with maximum traction on a firm ground. The upper part is made of synthetic, so you are assured of its durability, plus, the sole is also synthetic.

This shoe will give any woman speed, as they play soccer because it is designed for fast playing. It has a classic look that everyone will appreciate, as adidas has been in the industry for many years, and the lightweight synthetic upper part makes it easy for you to run around the field.


  • The shoes are made of synthetic leather which makes it highly durable.
  • It has a beautiful and colorful design.
  • It offers maximum traction while playing outdoor soccer.


  • They do not offer a wide variety of colors to choose from.
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PUMA Women’s Evospeed 3.2 FG Soccer Shoe

This shoe has a heel cup, and a thin foam insole to provide maximum comfort to the wearer, plus they have a non-marking outsole. They will provide you with stability and maneuverability to anyone playing outdoor soccer.

A soft synthetic upper part makes it very comfortable and also lightweight, which is very important while running around. The outsole and speed track spine will keep you very stable and mobile on the ground.

You will find that this shoe has an excellent cushioning because it is fitted with an EVA midsole which is modeled excellently to conform with all the contours of your foot. 

A leather upper part gives this shoe durability and the non-marking quality makes it excellent for use on the outdoors. The closure is made of lace, which makes it adjustable and a perfect fit. This shoe will give you the ability to perform at your best.


  • The shoes are made of good quality synthetic leather which is also durable.
  • They are extremely comfortable.
  • They are designed for outdoor soccer and offers great traction while playing.
  • The shoes also come in beautiful colors.


  • They are a size smaller, so when ordering makes sure to order a bigger size than you normally wear.
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Diadora Women’s Maracana MD PU Women’s Soccer Cleat:

This beautiful cleat is made of pure leather, so you know it has a great feel when you wear it, and the fitting is perfect. Not to mention the fact that leather lasts forever, so it will wear out slowly.

It comes with a breathable mesh lining, excellent padding at the collar, insole and tongue, and in addition, there is an extra-low entry which gives you great comfort. The lace cover is elastic, which enhances ball control, and the heel has a hard casing for protection while you play.

This shoe has a sleek and modern design, and the leather is washable. You will look very stylish in this shoe.


  • The shoes are made of leather which makes them durable.
  • It has excellent padding for great comfort.
  • It is beautiful and stylish.
  • The shoe is made of leather, so it is easier to wash.


  • It is a very expensive shoe compared to the others.
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Final Thoughts:

A great shoe will make the difference between playing a great game and a mediocre one. You can imagine how disastrous it would be for a player that does not take the need for a good shoe seriously. They probably run around the field with no control over simple things such as balance, and control.

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